Now is the time to align around purpose and leverage your strengths

Operational resilience, value creation and sustainable growth are strengthened when your organisation is led by a compelling purpose. So, it’s timely for leaders to look at how they can truly integrate purpose into everyday activities.

Aligning your organisation’s positive impact to your purpose is a further opportunity to introduce innovation, create competitive advantage, and increase market share.

Tomorrow Inc helps organisations unleash the power of purpose by aligning purpose and impact while using existing business strengths – core competencies.

Core competencies are your superpower

Core competencies are things you do better than anyone else. They’re deeply baked into your business and allow you to do what you do better than anyone else. When you use these, amazing things happen.

In fact, because this idea of leveraging your core competencies is so powerful, you can think big. This in turn helps you address some of the world’s most complex, wicked social or environmental problems.

The thing that’s exciting about using your core competencies to deliver your purpose is that it is a generative model instead of a reductive model.

Traditional approaches to doing good usually involve taking some of your success and sharing it. It means you’re sacrificing something, and the good you do is reliant on constant business performance.

In contrast, a core competency model means one is driving the other. You’re just doing what you do and that in turns drives more business, improves your competency and opens up new opportunities for innovation.

By looking at core competencies business activities and outcomes are not limited to operations but can extend across, value chain, suppliers, employees, customers, stakeholders and local communities. This approach of collaboration and shared responsibility will help increase business’ understanding of challenges, opportunities and impacts.

It’s also a great way to help stakeholders and boards make informed decisions on how they allocate resources to implement successful social and environmental impact that deliver value and create economic growth.

Uncover your own core competencies

When we work with businesses to uncover and use their core competencies for impact, we draw on the principles of human-centred design. Brave questions and empathy play an essential role in workshops we facilitate.

If you want to better leverage your core competencies to create social and environmental impact and build it into your business strategy in an authentic way, let us know.

"It's time to do today what we know tomorrow is demanding of us."