NZ Climate Leaders say, "Tell me a story"

#Embark19 was brimming with conviction and energy around climate action. On behalf of Climate-X, I joined smart, influential and brave thinkers who were ready to encourage and inspire one another. Best of all, they focused on finding practical answers to the barriers they face on climate action. These leaders were also frank about their challenges and responsibilities. Here are some of the themes at #Embark19 that stood out to me.

We need to tell our stories

Almost every speaker urged us to stand up and talk about our climate efforts - even when it’s hard, and even if you’re afraid of criticism or failure. Why? It’s time to redefine ‘business as usual’. Be bold and raise the benchmark for yourself, your competitors and your community. You may worry that telling your stories lifts expectations and accountability. It will! Although that can be frightening, the consequences of doing nothing are worse.

Others want to hear our stories

Readers want stories that offer hope, give positive examples of action, and hold companies to account. If you think about it, you probably do too. Denial, fearmongering, greenwashing or vague waffle have no place anymore. In our media, we want accuracy, objectivity, and public accountability. Stuff surveyed its readers to find out what they wanted to hear around climate change. 15,000 responses came in, and their wishes were clear. You can read about that in this Stuff article.

Collaborate to tell your stories well

People want help to tell their stories. Getting an outside perspective from an expert can help you articulate your impact way that is fresh and focused. They say that ‘fish can’t see water’. Similarly, it can be hard to see the most relatable parts of your story, in the face of all your other commercial and business demands. Fortunately, help is plentiful. Tomorrow Inc helps you talk about your impact easily and effectively. Wright Communications can give you outstanding public relations advice. True can make sure your stories are baked into your brand identity.