START Programme


We believe it should be easy for every small business to get started on being more sustainable - even without having to pay for expensive consultants. 


We demystify the process of environmentally sustainable business so you can make a start. It's your first environmental sustainability report and plan, all wrapped into one.  You just need to answer a few quick questions et voilà, you're on your way to a better tomorrow.


In the time it would take to wash your office Keep Cups, you'll go through our questionnaire right here online.


It explores the sustainability opportunities and challenges for your industry, business and target market.  You'll then receive a written statement that outlines what matters to you in sustainability, sets out goals for your organisation and how you'll measure your progress. 


We call this your START. Use this to show your team, customers and stakeholders that you care, and you're ready to act. 


You can pop it straight on your website, customer proposals and employee resources. If you want expert insight on how to get your stories out, make more of an impact and avoid potential reputation risks, we can help with that too.